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All kinds of in situ lathe disc machines of Afran

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Afran surface grinding disc machine with 3 piece aluminum chassis is one of the best disc grinding machines available in the market. The 3 piece aluminum chassis of this device increases the stability and stability of the device during turning operation and reduces the possibility of error
The use of a cast iron chassis in the disc lathe machine has many advantages as follows: Cast iron has a very high hardness and strength due to its special metallurgical structure. 1- The use of a cast iron chassis increases the life of the machine
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Faced disc lathe with one-piece aluminum chassis. The chassis of this model is one-piece. 1. It has professional anodized color 2. Precision in proper design 3. Light weight 4. It has a microswitch sensor……
The gallery of In situ grinding disc (Car and Truk) Afran
Gallery of Afran Table lathe deveice

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You can announce your desire to buy the device through the Afran website and Instagram and the number 09124155945, so that the device will be sent to you within the next 24 hours

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دستگاه تراش رومیزی افران

wheel disc sharpener

با دستگاه تراش رومیزی افران

wheel disc sharpener

با دستگاه دیسک تراش روکار افران

تراش فلاویل

با دستگاه تراش رومیزی افران

the car wheel bowl

با دستگاه تراش رومیزی افران

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