Types of car wheel discs:

Wheel disks are one of the basic elements in the system of repairing and adjusting car wheels. This article has introduced and explained different types of car wheel discs and important points in choosing the best option for driving needs have been raised


Standard wheel discs:

  • Standard wheel discs are made of metals such as steel or aluminum.
    These car wheel discs are an economical option for everyday cars with standard performance
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Thin wheel discs:

  • Thin wheel discs are made with less thickness, resulting in lighter weight and better heat dissipation.
    This type of car wheel disc is recommended for severe repair conditions and better performance at high temperatures

Ventilated wheel discs:

    • They have ventilation slots that help improve air flow and reduce heat.
      These discs are used in continuous repair or high speed driving
انواع دیسک چرخ خودرو

Neutral wheel disks (Slotted Rotors):

    • Features neutral slots or cross lines for improved heat dissipation and better repair performance.
      These discs are suitable for continuous or high speed repair conditions
انواع دیسک چرخ خودرو

Sealed wheel disks (Drilled Rotors):

  • Features sealed holes on the surface for improved heat dissipation and better performance.
    These discs are suitable for high temperature conditions or continuous repair
انواع دیسک چرخ خودرو
    • Wheel repair is an important detail in car safety and efficiency. Therefore, careful and intelligent selection is very important. This information will help you choose the right wheel disc based on your needs and ensure the quality of your car repair
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