Answers to frequently asked questions of Afran customers:

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💥 Support for Afran disc lathe machines

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In terms of cutting quality, the disc grinding machine of Afran has a very high cutting quality and delivers a completely smooth and uniform surface.

In terms of manufacturing, Taiwanese parts have been used, which have a much higher quality than Chinese parts

The device has an accuracy of 16 microns

You, friends and loved ones, can buy tools from the stores that have lathe tools in the country

Diamond cutting disc should be grade K cast iron

For disk sharpening, you should set the router to its maximum mode and when the load on the surface is high, lower the router a little and then increase the router again after finishing the work

Furnace machines are made from Taiwan parts and German motors, and all parts are machined by CNC machines

Original parts, cutting quality, professional anodizing color, variety in production, cooling fan, aerodynamic base, ability to cut rear wheel discs and so on

The desktop lathe of Afran has the ability to grind disk and bowl and flaville gear. It has high precision and cutting of passenger cars, SUVs and mini-bars