Cash and installment sales

Cash and installment sales of Afran have started. We are

proud and trolley lathe which is the first company to produce

full-faced disc lathes Automatic, as well as desktop lathe and

disk machine

لوگو افران

cash price

Installment price

In-situ grinding disc 425،000،000

In-situ grinding disc 455،000،000

Clagi disc lathe310،000،000

Clagi disc lathe 340،000،000

In-situ grinding disc for truk 550،000،000

In-situ grinding disc for truk 585،000،000

Table lathe 1،200،000،000

Table lathe 1،250،000،000

Rim bending device1،150،000،000

Rim bending device1،190،000،000

Rim bending device + lathe1،300،000،000

Rim bending device + lathe1،350،000،000

If the customer has a fisherman's check, 50% of the amount will be received at first and the rest will be settled in the form of 3 checks within 4 months
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If the customer has a fisherman's checkin the

beginning, 60% of the amount will be received in cash

and the rest will be settled in the form of 4 checks

within 4 months

Ways to buy Afran

1. Through the Afran site

2. Through the Afran page

3. Through the contact numbers available on the site

4. Purchase in person from the addresses available on the site

5. Purchase from representatives of Afran company

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In-situ grinding disc

Disc grinding with in-situ grinding disc can help you to remove scratches and waste on the surface of the disc. By using in-situ grinding disc, you can polish the surface of the disc and optimize its thickness. In addition, this method can help you to significantly increase the usage time of the disk if you need to replace the disk. By using a disk sharpener, you can use a quality disk without scratches for a longer period of time

دیجی کالا

Table lathe

One of the devices made in Ofran company is the three-function machine of disc grinder, bowl grinder and fraville table grinder of Ofran, which is to serve you, dear customers. Powerful for cutting and shaping metal parts. This device includes a small table that can be adjusted in height and a rotating axis on which the parts are placed. The table-top three-function lathe is specifically used for turning small and complex parts, and it is usually used for the production of precision parts in industries such as the automotive industry. It is very useful

دیسک تراش روکار تریلی

In-situ grinding disc for truk

Grinding the trailer brake disc is very important. The brake system is one of the most important components of any vehicle and is very important for its safety and proper performance. If the brake disc is not repaired properly or is in a bad condition, serious and dangerous problems may occur. Efficient and healthy brake discs reduce the speed and stop the car properly and on time. If the brake disc is in poor condition, braking performance may be impaired when stopping and decelerating, which can pose serious risks, especially in emergency situations

dastgah tabe ring.jpeg5 -%title

Rim bending device

One of the devices made in Afran company is the ring bending machine, which has the following accessories:

♦Has 9 pieces of hydraulic jack accessories ♦Has a table saw for rim unevenness and welding ♦Has a powerful electrical panel and contactor ♦ 5 ton hydraulic jack ♦ powerful hydraulic unit ♦ accuracy 0.01 mm ♦ machine shaft accuracy 0.01 mm ♦ special jaws ♦ chassis and strong structure of the machine

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