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The advantages of the 3-piece aluminum body of the disc turning machine:

  1. The disc lathe machine with 3 pieces of aluminum body is one of the best disc lathe machines available in the market. Below are some of their advantages:
    The 3-piece aluminum body of this device increases the stability and stability of the device during turning operation and reduces the possibility of error.
    By using the three-piece body, it is easy to adjust and replace the device’s components, and the user can quickly replace the device’s components.
    The 3-piece body of this machine makes the shaved discs to be shaved with higher precision.
    The use of this body in the in-situ disc grinding machine increases the life of the machine and reduces the need for repairs and replacement of components.

    The production and metal turning of Ofran company is with CNC machines, which has the ability to produce the body of three pieces of the machine.The body of 3 pieces of aluminum in the disc sharpener is more adjustable, which allows the user to set the best mode for sharpening his discs.

    In general, the in-situ grinding machine of Afran has a light weight.

    It also has two microswitches, which improve the quality and performance of the device. It is made of aluminum

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