The sale of the desktop lathe of Afran has started

دیجی کالا

device name  : Table lathe 

Application of the device:

1.grinding disc

2.flywheel grinding

3. Lathe grinding

Guarantee :One year warranty and 10 years service

Country of manufacture: Iran-Tehran

Table lathe
1،400.000.000 ریال
  • disc grinder
  • flywheel grinder
  • Grinding wheel bowl

10 years of production experience

Terms of installment sale

Installments :  If the customer has check, at first 60% of the amount can be received in cash and the rest will be settled in 4 checks within 4 months  

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Desktop disc lathe accessories

Nissan mold: 1 cone heart and 1 pyramid mold

Flaville mold: 1 pc

Pyramid mold: 2 pcs

Spring pyramid: 1 piece

Pen wrench: 1 pc

Diamonds: 10 pieces

T 15 wrench: one number

Holder inside the lathe: 1 pc

Grinding disc holder: 2 pcs

T bolts: two

Interface cable: 1 pc

Connector bush: 3 pcs

All molds are made of hard steel (heat treatment) and are ground in all directions.

What are the benefits of buying a desktop disc grinder for repairmen and their customers?

1. By purchasing a desktop lathe, repairmen can repair the parts of the machine on site without sending them to another workshop. As a result, this significantly reduces time and cost.

2.With access to a table lathe, repairmen can carve and repair parts with more precision and accuracy. . This can significantly improve the quality of repairs and increase the durability and life of repaired parts.

3. Repairers can be more independent and flexible in repairs. They don't need to depend on companies or parts sellers and can meet customers' requests faster and with higher quality by turning and retrieving parts. Provide to a range of customers.This can lead to increased revenue and business growth
کاتالوک دستگاه تراش رومیزی افران
کاتالوک دستگاه تراش رومیزی

Advantages of 3 function Afran

  1. 1. The desktop lathe (disc lathe, flaville lathe and bowl lathe) is a three-function machine, which provides you with the possibility of disc lathe, flaville work and wheel bowl lathe in one machine.
    So this feature is important and eliminates the need for three separate devices and saves more space in the workshop
  3. 2. The bench lathe is generally mounted on a table top and is easy to use through simple and accessible controls. This allows you to lathe or flaring your parts without the need for special experience or skill.
  5. 3. Furnace machines occupy less space compared to separate turning, flaville and bowl turning machines. So this is an important advantage for small workshops or limited spaces

Why the tabletop grinding disc of Afran

disc grinder

Saving workshop space

bowl grinder

Carve your own parts with no special experience or skills required

flywheel grinder

Production of precise and high quality parts

Gallery of videos and photos of the desktop grinding disc of Ofran

کاتالوک دستگاه تراش رومیزی
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