Rim bending device

دستگاه تابگیری رینگ چرخ

device name:     Rim bending device

Guarantee : One year warranty and 10 years service

Producing country: Iran Tehran

Rim bending device
1،250،000،000،000 ریال
  • One year warranty
  • 10 years after-sales service
  • cash and installment sales
Accuracy, elegance, efficiency

Technical specifications of the Rim bending device

Weight: 350 kg

Device dimensions: 400*600*1100

engine power:

Maximum rim diameter: 26

Minimum rim width: 13

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The advantage of the device

Ease of working with the device

High accuracy of the device

Ease of setting up the device

The ability to grind the uneven surfaces of the rim

Using a strong and convenient hydraulic jack to straighten the rim

Suitable templates to maintain the beauty of the rim

reduction in costs

Reduce repair time

Excellent economic efficiency

Increasing the quality of repairs

Variety of services
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It has 9 pieces of hydraulic jack accessories

It has a table saw for rim unevenness and welding

It has a powerful switchboard and contactor

5 ton hydraulic jack

Powerful hydraulic unit

Accuracy 0.01 mm

The accuracy of the machine shaft is 0.01 mm

Special jaws

Strong chassis and structure of the device

The importance of rim repair

Rims are one of the most important car parts that act as a point of contact between the car and the road. Since rims are in direct contact with the road surface, they are subject to various factors such as breakdowns, wear, and additional impacts. For this reason, it is very important to repair the rims, and the rim straightener can be used for this purpose

Increased safety: Correct and healthy rims help increase driving safety. When the rims are smooth and without damage, you have more control over the car and the chances of accidents are reduced

The most economical option: Repairing rims with a rim straightener is the most economical way to increase their useful life. This method reduces the need to replace rims and reduces repair costs

Improved performance: smooth and healthy rims help to improve the performance of the car. Repairing the rims reduces fuel consumption and increases engine efficiency

Maintaining beauty: smooth rims without damage help the beauty of the car. Damaged rims can detract from the appearance of the car, while repairing them with a rim straightener helps to maintain the beauty of the car

Repairing rims with a rim straightener is very important in car care. This operation not only helps the safety, economy and performance of the car but also helps to maintain its beauty. So, if you care about your car, consider repairing your rims with a rim straightener. This simple action can significantly increase the life of your car
دستگاه تابگیری رینگ چرخ
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Aids of the Afran rim straightener to repairers and customers

reduction in costs

The rim straightener helps repairers minimize their costs

Using this device, repairmen can repair damaged rims and prevent replacement

Catch them early. This saves repair costs for customers

and allows repairmen to provide quality and economic services

Better timing

With high speed and precision, the rim straightener allows repairmen to carry out repairs

to do in less time. This means reducing the waiting time of customers and increasing the number

Services provided by your workshop

Increasing the quality of repairs

The rim smoothing device helps the repairmen by creating a smooth and regular surface on the rims

to perform higher quality repairs. This increases customer satisfaction with your services

And it prevents future problems

Diversity in services

The rim straightener can be adjusted for different types and sizes of rims

This allows repairers to service a wide variety of vehicles and

It increases the variety and range of your services

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