The sale of disc grinders for Afran has started

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Name of the machine: In situ grinding disc of Afran

Warranty: One year warranty and 10 years service

Country of manufacture: Iran Tehran

In situ grinding disc of Afran
510،000،000 ریال
  • One year warranty
  • 10 years after-sales service
  • With cash and installment sales
Accuracy, elegance, efficiency

Technical specifications of the disc grinder facing the furnaces

Diamond jaw distance: 40mm

Movement course: 75mm

Accuracy: 16 microns

Ability: from 1% to 1 mm cutting

Guarantee : one year - 10 years of service

Country of manufacture: Iran - Tehran

Device accessories

1. T arm: two pieces

2. Wheel hub fixture: 1 piece

3. 1/2 25 centimeter support: 1 piece

4. Pride screw: 2 pieces 5. SUV screws: 2 pieces 6. Diamonds: 2 pieces 7. Diamond screws: 2 pieces 8. 15T wrench: one piece

9.S hook: one piece
12. Connecting cable: 2 pcs. 13. Manual: 1 pc. 14. Educational CD: 1 pc. 15. Promotional gift: 1 pc


♦ Bending and edging of all types of passenger cars and SUVs

♦ With a standard adapter for 4, 5 and 6 bolt cars

♦ The only device that shaves the rear wheel disc.

♦ Professional anodizing and electrostatic paint

♦ The first fully automatic machine in Iran

♦ Adjusting the speed of the lathe

♦ Simultaneous double-sided turning of the disc

♦ With an emergency cut-off sensor

♦ With an aerodynamic base
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The aerodynamic base is more balanced because it is more balanced when locking the wheels while turning the disc
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The air conditioning fan system cools the motor of the disc grinder

The importance of brake disc repair

Car brake disc repair is very important. The brake disc is one of the most important parts in the car braking system, which has the task of reducing the speed of the car. If the brake disc is not working properly, it can cause serious problems with the car's brakes and pose a risk to your health and safety and other driving trips. Factors such as wear, cracking , creep and other failures of the brake disc

can reduce the braking performance of the car. Therefore, regular maintenance and replacement of the brake disc

if needed is very important and as one of the One of the vital parts in the car brake system should be of special importance
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Aids of the in situ disk grinding machine of the Afran

Disc sharpening with an on-site grinding disc can help you to remove scratches and scratches on the surface of the disc. Using the on-site grinding disc, you can polish the surface of the disc and increase its thickness. optimize In addition, this method can help you

significantly increase the usage time of the disk if you need to replace the disk. By using a disk sharpener, you can use a quality disk without scratches for a longer period of time

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