The sale of the In situ grinding disc for truk has started

دیسک تراشروکار تریلی افران

Name of the machine: In-situ grinding disc for truk

Warranty: One year warranty and 10 years service

Country of manufacture: Iran – Tehran

In-situ grinding disc for truk
635،000،000 تومان
  • One year warranty
  • 10 years of after-sales service
  • With cash and installment sales

Accuracy, elegance, efficiency

Terms of sale

Installments: If the customer has a fisherman’s check, 50% of the amount will be received at first and the rest will be settled in 3 checks within 4 months

Advantages of the device

1. Suspension and balancing of the wheel disc

2. Fixing the vibration when braking at speed

3. Extending the life of the pad and strengthening the brake

4. Matching and simultaneous adjustment of the disc Wheel

5. Scratch removal and noise removal

6. Wheel disc edge removal

7. Reduction of repair time

8. Reduction of repair costs
دیسک تراش روکار تریلی

Technical Specifications

The distance between the jaws of the diamonds:

Movement course:


Ability: from 0.01 to 1 mm cutting and bearing

Warranty: one year Warranty and 10 years of service

Country of manufacture: Izan _ Tehran

Device accessories

1. T arm: two pieces

2.Wheel hub fixture: 1 piece

3.Interface screw: 2 pieces

4.Power fixture and 40 cm connector: one 5. Diamond: 2 6. Diamond screw: 2 7. 15T wrench: 1

8.S hook: one piece

9.Claw adapter: 1 piece

10.Interface cable: 2 pieces

11.Manual: 1 piece

12. Educational CD: 1 piece

13. Promotional gift: 1 piece
دیسک تراشروکار تریلی افران

Benefits of In-situ grinding disc

Disc grinding with an in-situ grinding disc

can help you remove scratches

and scratches on the surface of the disc.

Using an in-situ grinding disc

br>You can polish the surface of the disc and optimize its thickness.

In addition, this method can help

you if you need to
disk swapping, significantly increase

disk usage time. By using a disk sharpener, you can use a quality, scratch-free disk for a longer period of time.

Why do you need a In-situ grinding disc for truk?

With frequent use and sometimes according to the driving conditions and the type of load, the brake disc of trolleys reduces its power and makes the surface of the brake disc uneven. In these cases,

can generally be used to grind the brake disc using a disc grinder

as a method to restore the surface of the brake disc. But to determine the time

The following points should be considered for grinding the brake disc:

1-Disc thickness: To determine the permissible thickness for grinding the brake disc, one should refer to the trailer manufacturer's guide. If the thickness of the disc reaches the minimum allowed, the brake disc must be replaced. Some brake discs with high thickness and stronger structure have more number of blades.

3- Disc surface: If the surface of the brake disc is uneven and too dry, sharpening the brake disc can improve braking performance.

4- Amount of use: Depending on the conditions of use, the brake disc should be checked periodically to determine the need for sharpening.

In general, specialized repair shops usually use disc sharpening machines
< furnaces and according to the conditions of the brake disc, they offer customers to sharpen the brake disc. However, regular disk maintenance is recommended


How important is the repair of the trailer brake disc?
Repairing the trailer brake disc is very important

. The brake system is one of the most important components of any vehicle and is very important for its safety and proper performance. If

the brake disc is not repaired properly or

is in an improper condition, serious and dangerous problems may occur.

Efficient brake disc and healthy cause

reduction of speed and proper and timely

stopping of the car. If the brake disc

is in poor condition, the braking performance may be

impaired when stopping and decelerating

, which can

be a serious hazard. to have

with him, especially in urgent

and emergency situations
دستگاه دیسک تراش تریلی
دیسک تراشروکار تریلی افران
دیسک تراش روکار تریلی
دیسک تراش روکار تریلی


Bending and edging of all types of cargo vehicles

with standard adapter for 10-bolt vehicles
The first fully automatic machine in Iran

Lathe machine speed adjustment

simultaneous double sided disc cutting

with emergency cut off sensor

with aerodynamic base

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دیسک تراشروکار تریلی افران
دیسک تراش روکار تریلی
دستگاه دیسک تراش تریلی
دیسک تراشروکار تریلی افران
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